Friday, December 10, 2010

PFLAG Phoenix

PFLAG Phoenix
            PFLAG Phoenix is a support group for parents, friends and allies of LGBT individuals. They hold weekly meetings and participate in various volunteer and human right’s campaigns. ASU students can get involved by visiting their website at:
You can find links to educational information, resources, volunteering opportunities, a meeting group, and other various ways to get involved with the group. They have a calendar of monthly events as well as a phone number where the group can be reached. They post news clips from national sources that have to do with LGBTQQIA rights, and are strongly networked with similar groups.

            PFLAG Phoenix has meeting groups at various locations throughout Tempe, Downtown Phoenix, Mesa, and Gilbert. They have meeting groups for not only members of the LGBTQ community, but mostly for parents and allies of LGBTQ youth. I think that this is an important group to get involved with because, possibly even more so than 1n10, this group is the group with political sway, a strong voice, and the power/opportunity to bring about changes in schools and politics more so than the youth empowerment group. In addition to them being allies of the LGBT community, working to better understand issues faced by LGBT youth and family members/friends, they also advocate for rights and arrange marches and protests and large scale writing campaigns. This they show their power in the political forum, and the fact that they potentially have kids that are a part of the LGBT community, adds to their power and influence.
            We also feel as though intersectionality plays a huge part in their power, influence, and overall functionality of group. The fact that is a multiple people, of different educational backgrounds, different jobs, races, religions, positions in life. All of these people coming together and creating a community to help and support a related community. All of these experiences and pieces of them crossing each other to form a community of support and understanding and learning. Eventually, as this group hopefully grows, more people will join to make a larger network of education and understanding. Then we will start to see massive social change. Outside of the gay community and their allies, and onward onto the intolerant and ignorant.
            This group counts as a massive catalyst for social change because of the events they throw and participate in. The way the group presents themselves, and the fact that they are attempting not to just hide hatred and gain rights, but is trying to educate people so they can educate their friends and children, and those people can educate their friends and children. This network they are creating is a network of activism and social change.

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