Friday, December 10, 2010

Arizona Women's Partnership, Inc.

Arizona Women’s Partnership, Inc.
13058 North Surrey Circle
Phoenix, AZ 85029

The Arizona Women’s Partnership is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the status of Arizona women and empowering women's grass roots organizations through mini grants and publicity. Along with giving out grants to organization, the organization gives out grants to individuals who make it a mission to help empower women by giving out grants to individuals within the community the organization works to address the most common issues facing women today such as sexism, racism, and social justice.

Through the efforts of media coverage, fundraising efforts, grant recipients, the Women’s Partnership has hundreds of supporters and over 48 organizations (smaller non-profits in the state) that are recipients of the grants statewide. Some of the programs offered by these grant recipient organizations include helping of refugees, Aiding victims of domestic violence (women), teaching literacy, offering shelters and etc. Specifically, Unlimited Potential is one of the organizations in south phoenix that helps Hispanic women with education level below 6th grade in learning English. One of the other Organizations called Alice’s place is dedicated to providing safe and confidential services to victims and survivors of domestic violence. This non-profit organization provides 24 hour crisis including shelter, basic needs, awareness, and educational programs. The educational programs include a workplace skills and a personal budget/finance class. The purpose of these classes is to help victims/clients transition to a life where they are no longer dependent on the abuser. According to the AZWP website, they have so far awarded over $13000 to the grass root organizations, and these organizations in turn have assisted more than 70,000.

Historically, women have always been looked down upon by the society. Although much progress has been made, women are still disadvantaged in many respects. There is not only a major pay gap between men and women, but women’s lowly status makes them prone to being assaulted physically, mentally and emotionally through domestic violence and sexual assaults by men. For example, just in Arizona, one forcible rape occurs every four hours and 35 minutes (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence). Every 44 minutes, one or more children witness a domestic violence incident (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence).  In the cry for help by these women and their children, The Arizona Women’s Partnership has been founded to help.

Women’s Partnership is a feminist organization since it is specifically targeted to help women. Not only does this organization give out grants to non-profit organization that offer the support and well-being to under-deserved women at risk, but this Arizona Women’s Partnership also gives out grants to individuals who helps the community in becoming aware of the issues facing women such as sexism, racism, and social injustice. This organization is also viewed as a feminist activist because of all the facilities it offers women through other non-profit programs like educating women to become independent so they don’t have to rely on men. Also, offering self-defense classes through the police department so these women can be safe and protect themselves instead of depending on men who in return take an advantage of abusing them instead.

Arizona Women’s Partnership is a perfect feminist activist source for ASU students to focus on because it lists all of its non-profit organization it grants the money to on its webpage. These smaller organizations describe all of what they do to help women in the community and give information to reach them. This helps many of the students to find what they want to get involved in and volunteer to make a bigger difference in the community to empower women.

How ASU students can get involved:

v  Make a donation
v  Volunteer your time
v  Attend a fundraising event
v  Apply for a grant to make a difference!

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