Friday, December 10, 2010

Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence
301 E. Bethany Home Road
Suite C194
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Tel: (800) 782-6400
(602) 279-2900 Ext. 211

The Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence organization was created in an effort to increase public awareness about the issue of domestic violence, offer services to domestic violence victims, as well as attempt to reduce the frequency of domestic violence in Arizona families. The organization works directly with and for battered women to eliminate domestic violence in Arizona. They provide women, friends, family, and others with support and resources. Through the organization’s work within our community they are able to confront the roots of violence, oppression, and victim blaming within economic, social, and political systems.
Domestic violence as well as other types of violence against women is a silent epidemic in our society. It is a serious and widespread social problem in America and affects millions of people. Some forms of domestic violence include; emotional, psychological, physical, verbal, sexual, and economic/financial abuse. 85% of domestic violence victims are women. Women of all socio-economic groups experience abuse. However, women in poverty face particular hardships and challenges when they try to leave abusive relationships because they lack the resources they need to support themselves and their children. Domestic violence also puts children at risk for lower-intellectual functioning, emotional problems and the risk of engaging in drug abuse. Domestic violence ultimately results in depression, anxiety and an increasing number of homicides (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence).
Some of the resources that the Coalition make available are safety tips and planning, legal advice (including a legal advocacy hotline), a list of shelters and domestic violence providers, advice on how to help a domestic violence victim, as well as many other services. One of the more interesting support programs they offer is their legal advocacy hotline. The hotline is available statewide to any victim or survivor of domestic violence. They keep a very knowledgeable staff that is able to provide information about Arizona’s legal systems and explain legal processes, procedures and alternatives, as well as any possible resources in the caller’s community. Their hotline allows them to provide women with vital legal information which they are entitled to but often don’t have access to.
Domestic violence does not only affect the women, men and children who are directly involved but the healthcare system, the judicial system, families and friends of the survivor and society at large (Center Against Family Violence, 2010). In order to address this social issue, victims must have adequately funded domestic violence services available to them including shelter, legal advocacy, affordable housing, transportation and other support. Victims should be able to rely on the criminal justice system to protect them and to hold batterers accountable when domestic violence occurs. The Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence works to achieve this through serving as an advocate and a voice representing the needs of domestic violence survivors. Through educating the public and providing essential services they are able to effectively confront the roots of violence and victim blaming within our society.

How ASU students can get involved:

v  Become a member
v  Volunteer your time with AZCADV
v  Attend an upcoming event
v  Attend a workshop

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