Friday, December 10, 2010

Chicks with Picks

Pandy Raye

Rhonda Hitchcock

The Chicks with Picks Website:
Ways to Get Involved: Go to showcases! Donate (through website), Participate in weekly industry classes from either Pandy or Rhonda

Showcases are all over the Phoenix Valley. For upcoming events and directions click here:

Chicks with Picks started with Pandy Raye and Rhonda Hitchcock who had a vision to highlight Phoenix's many talented female musicians. Their goal was to showcase women of all genres and ages, to give them a fighting chance in the music industry. Their only requirement, is talent and heart. As two professional musicians, these two chicks set out to provide a platform for female singer/songwriters of acoustic, electric, duos and full bands to showcase their talent. In late October of 2007 they began with only a few girls to showcase, and now in 2010 Pandy and Rhonda just celebrated their 300th show in just over two years. Pandy and Rhonda also offer a workshop on a weekly basis that covers topics in many aspects of being a successful musician and surviving the music industry.
Suzanne G. Cusik has modeled her adoration for music around her inspiration for feminist activism. In her book, Feminist Music Theory, she outlines a strong relationship between her Feminist Music Theory and the activism portrayed by Rhonda and Pandy Raye. That is, that Feminism through music can be an empowering form of self-expression, and the beauty and message music can be spread is a universally charged (Cusik, page 33). The local female artists that showcase their talent weekly at venues across the valley can help spread this phenomenon; that female empowerment is to be not only read, or heard, but embraced through music. My partner Gus and I shared a relatively lengthy phone conference with both Pandy and Rhonda and when we asked if they considered Chicks with Picks a feminist movement Rhonda replied, “Well..Yes. We started Chicks with Picks to support the wellness of women and support their dreams of being musicians. If this isn't a feminist agenda then, well I don't know what it would be”.
To get involved with Chicks with Picks in the Local valley visit their website and contact either Pandy or Rhonda. These are two women that are eager to help and meet new chicks

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