Friday, December 10, 2010

Fix the Hurt

Fix the Hurt  
PO Box 1106
Mesa, AZ 85211

Beginning in 2005, Linda King and her husband launched this organization after their daughter Lisa King was murdered by her partner. The Fix the Hurt foundation is a non-profit organization that has the goal of educating women all over the nation about the dangers of domestic violence and the need to get out of the situation permanently. From providing awareness and education through classes, pamphlets and lectures – Fix the Hurt also uses the unique method of performing arts. Musicals, plays and shows are the main techniques used to deliver the message (King, 2009).

Requesting an event made by Fix the Hurt, helping in the production whether it is acting or helping set up, all makes this organization possible. Donating and even simply posting events or advice from Fix the Hurt on your social network such as Facebook, will make a tremendous difference. Linda King always says the smallest things can make the biggest difference and this is very true. Becoming a partner, volunteer, intern or even sponsoring an event will all help make the change (King, 2009).
Linda King, a woman who is viewed as going above and beyond for a cause that affects everyone in some way, whether it is happening to you, a family member, a friend, or even a neighbor. However her reason for doing so much and starting the FIX the Hurt organization is far deeper than that. Linda and her husband’s lives got changed forever in the most tragic way. Their daughter Lisa King’s death not only lights the flame that keeps them going strong with this organization but also is an example for women everywhere to get out before it is too late.
Domestic violence isn’t something that has just started happening, it has been happening since time began. It must come to an end and the first step to doing that is speaking out and not being silent. Silence is the worst killer. Statistics show that 1 in 4 women is abused and is a victim of domestic violence throughout her lifetime. The means if you look around, 1 in 4 of the women you know is a potential victim (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 2007). Fix the Hurt is trying to bring that to an end by educating women that they deserve better and need to stop making excuses. Linda king advises that every woman should listen to her sisters, friends and coworkers and needs to stop making excuses for the offender and saying it is going to be okay. Because it is not going to be okay, not without getting the proper help.
Linda King does an amazing job at helping women all over with Fix the Hurt , not just by raising awareness on the topic but also by showing women everywhere that we are here to help.  She claims that, “If I can save just one life, then all these years would have been worth it.”
We know and understand you’re hurt and there are other options.

How ASU students can get involved:

v  Request a domestic violence production to be played near you
v  Become an intern or volunteer
v  Make a donation
v  Sponsor an event

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