Friday, December 10, 2010

NARAL Pro.Choice Arizona

Naral Pro-Choice Arizona
Naral Pro-Choice Arizona is a part of a larger national organization. The acronym Naral stands for National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League. It is a political organization that wants to guarantee all women the freedom of reproductive choice from access to birth control to abortion services. Their website is how we became active in the group. The website is very interactive and gives a breakdown of the issues they are currently fighting for and educates visitors on Arizona legislation and about our legislators. They offer a couple ways of getting involved, firstly you can become a member of the organization. Another way to get involved is to give monetary donations to the group. Lastly you can donate your time and volunteer to help the organization. Bell hooks in her book Feminism is for Everybody said “Losing ground on the issue of legal safe inexpensive abortion means that women lose ground on all reproductive issues. The anti-choice movement is fundamentally anti-feminist”(29).

Critical Questions, Prevalent Issues
Pro-Choice Arizona. They ask critical questions about abortion and women’s body rights. They watch legislation and also try to improve conditions. They are also involved in the sexual education debate. Comprehensive sexual education vs. Abstinence only. We feel as though this group would be perfect for us because it has to do with youth rights as well as women’s issues with youth sexuality and sexual protection and other relevant issues. People should get involved with them if they want to eventually move onto a career dealing with global women’s reproductive rights, or just reproductive rights in general. Not only that, but also sexual reproductive health and other programs this group offers. This is clearly feminist activism  because they are dealing directly with a HUGE issue facing women in today’s society. “All individuals are entitled to the protection of, and respect for, their human rights by healthcare providers. In terms of service provision, survivors of domestic violence, rape, and other forms of sexual abuse have a right to receive good quality health services, including reproductive health care to manage the physical and psychological consequences of the violence and to prevent and manage pregnancy and STIs. Health providers should ensure they do not in any way “revictimize” women, force them to have any examination against their will, or take away their agency and decision-making. All patients need to be treated with respect, be given the information they need to make decisions, and have their privacy and the confidentiality of their health records guaranteed.”
Women who have rights to their body and what they do with their pregnancy and who has a say in what she does and who doesn’t. Women are constantly entangled in a battle over their bodies and rights of their body and this group brings the main challenge they face to the frontline, while – at the same time, making it accessible to everyone.
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